Acrylic pins are similar to regular metal pins, but the only difference is that they are made from acrylic. They are perfect for adding a logo to something that will get won often. It is different from some other swag, such as clothing or signs that might only be worn once or twice before they go into the trash. The best thing about acrylic pins is that they are very light in weight, and you can design them creatively. In addition to this, having an acrylic pin is a great way to give your brand more visibility compared to any other swag out there.

Acrylic pins are famous among people with event-goers at trade shows and conventions. Anytime you want to make a bold statement about what you stand for or who you are is the perfect opportunity for custom acrylic pins. This short guide will teach you the benefits and disadvantages of acrylic pins.

Pros of Acrylic Pins

Custom pins are on the rise. They have many applications, from fun little expressions of anyone's personality to professional settings. You can use them for business promotions, supporting a charity, spreading awareness of a good cause, or just for fun. You can use an acrylic pin for pretty much any reason you can imagine, and they are very affordable to make. Here are some of the benefits of acrylic pins.

Acquire the Long-Lasting Premium Appearance

One of the significant benefits of acrylic pins is their long-lasting, premium appearance. Acrylic is one of the sturdy materials that have been engaged with lots of advantages. The acrylic pin can be easily made in various shapes and sizes. After completing the manufacturing process, acrylic pins give you an elegant appearance. The advanced software, the manufacturers of acrylic pins, will design a flat and transparent model. The size of the acrylic pins can depend upon your requirements.

Acrylic Pins are Durable

Undoubtedly, acrylic pins make wonderful promotional items because they are made to last. They are more durable than any other type of plastic you use for pins. A 3mm thick clear acrylic sheet can be used to make a memorable, clear acrylic pin. These pins are shatter-resistant. Moreover, as a bonus, they are also waterproof. So, you don't need to worry about any damage that is caused by water.

Environmental Friendly

Acrylic pins are made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastics. They have reached the end of their life cycle and were designed for landfill incineration. An acrylic pin is an environmentally friendly alternative to enamel pins.


Acrylic pins can be valuable for promotional purposes or just for fun. Unlike other metal pins, they have a transparent or translucent appearance and a glossy surface. Lightweight is another good reason that makes acrylic pins more and more popular. Of course, they are very light in weight and a very affordable alternative to enamel pins. You can get greater details on acrylic pins since the design is printed. This quality of acrylic pins makes them a great gift for anyone.

Perfect for Business Marketing

You can use acrylic pins as giveaways at events or conventions or even give them out on their own. One of the best features of an acrylic pin is the price. Undeniably, they are affordable enough that you could easily purchase one for each of your employees. Furthermore, you can also use acrylic pins to promote special events or new products and to show customer appreciation.

These pins can help you to develop a strong relationship with potential or current customers. By giving acrylic pins, you are showing that you are interested in engaging with your audience. As a result, acrylic pins can be an effective way to grow your business.

Unlimited Choices

Acrylic pins are available in a range of designs and shapes. Therefore, finding a suitable pin that matches your theme is never so hard. The shape of the acrylic pin can also be fit for every clothes. The edges of the pins are laser polished, so it doesn't build any damage to your clothes. There are different sizes of acrylic pins used by organizations for showing their corporate information. In addition, you can choose any of your desired design and color schemes for your acrylic pin.

Most of the time, people will design acrylic pins with their logos, brand mottos, or favorite colors and patterns. It will make their pins stand out. There is not only a huge range of uses and design ideas available, but you can also buy personalized acrylic pins with photos or images of family, friends, pets, and much more.

Acrylic Pins are better than Stickers for Swag

Of course, stickers are also very beautiful, and most people are big fans of stickers. However, when we find something for businesses, then acrylic pins undeniably make more of a splash as swag. It is because they are a bit heavier than a sticker. In addition to this, you can easily pin them to more places as compared to stickers. Most importantly, they are trending right now.

Cons of Acrylic Pins

Everything we use has many benefits, but there are also some drawbacks. Similarly, acrylic pins also have plenty of advantages that make them a good choice. However, acrylic pins also have a few disadvantages, but they are not as big as you avoid using them. In the list of disadvantages, the first is that acrylic pin scratches more easily than glass.

In addition, acrylics are less strong and are not as resistant to matting as most other synthetics. Another drawback of acrylic pins is that they are easily stained by grease and oil. Therefore, consider these things when planning to get acrylic pins for your brand promotion or any other reason, and then finalize your decision.


Acrylic pins are affordable and lightweight custom pins. DPI UV printing with any color is used to make acrylic pins. They are durable and waterproof. On the surface of the acrylic pin, there is a protective film that will help to protect your pins from scratching. They haven't set up fees like other types of pins because they don't need molds. So, you can cut them into any shape. There is no doubt that these pins are good for creating brand recognition or promoting specific marketing schemes.